Monday, November 21, 2011

Turkey Cake Pops Without the Pop!

I had an order for 24 of "something Thanksgivingish" for a clients' work party so I decided to practice some pop making! I found these adorable Turkey Cake Pops at Bakerella and I knew I just had to make them for this order! I decided to trash the pop idea and just make the Turkey balls because 1.It was easier & 2. I had nothing to place the pops in for easy transportation. I also had to switch out some of the ingredients for the ones I made because I could not find the original ingredients in my area. They ended up turning out super cute and my client is very happy with them! I used vanilla cake with pumpkin pie spices to make it taste "Thanksgivingish", Almond Bark (for the coating), candy corn (for the feathers, both regular and caramel), sprinkles (for the eyes, nose & wattle), and almond M&M's (for the head). This was the first time I used Almond Bark for the coating and it works/tastes great and it is so much cheaper then the candy melts! After I was all finished I would have loved to make cupcakes and place each Turkey Ball on a cupcake but I didn't have enough time. Maybe next year! Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Time Flies....

OMGoodness where has the time gone? It has almost been 2 months since I have posted on here! Well I do have an excuses and that is we FINALLY got the house we have been negotiating on for the last 9 months! Yay! We knew that there was A LOT of work that needed to go into the house once we got it so we have been using every waking moment on making our new house into a home. I mean it needed EVERYTHING, from new flooring to a new kitchen to new drywall! Therefore I have had really no time what-so-ever to do any fun baking or cooking! During the last two months I did put my toppers in a craft fair that is very popular in Orange County called Sugar Plum, and they did surprisingly well! I was able to sell around 50 bags (each bag had 12 toppers) along with getting my name out there so people can contact me about dessert tables or personalized toppers! So between the remodeling of the new house, working, crafting for Sugar Plum, volunteering for Sugar Plum and just everyday glitches (like me severely hurting my knee on a ladder accident) I really have had no time for anything else! However, we are at the home stretch for the BIG remodeling ventures, Sugar Plum is over (for now), and I am looking forward to hosting a birthday party for the husband along with baking/cooking items for the holidays so I will once again be able to blog all the yummyness that I create! I hope everyone is well and looking forward to holidays filled with family, friends and love!