Friday, December 23, 2011

12 Months of Giving....

With the beginning of a New Year comes the dreaded New Year's Resolution. I don't really dwell on what my resolution is going to be, of course it has always been to loose weight like the millions of other woman out there. However, this year I have decided that in 2012 I will make it a point to give back some way or some how at least once a month! Usually my year involves some sort of charity, whether it is adopting a family for Christmas, raising money for the American Cancer Society or participating in Relay for Life. This year I would like to set aside my time each month to focus on helping some sort of charity, family, business or person with a hands-on approach. I truly do feel that what you put out into the world you will get back 10x more. Therefore, in 2012 I am going to give give give and watch my life be blessed because of it!

Here is my list so far....

Donate 10 inches of hair to Locks of Love
Surfrider Beach Clean-Up
Habitat For Humanity (build)
Meals on Wheels-Salvation Army
Adopt-a-Family through Salvation Army

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Feast!

Well this past weekend the husband and I scrambled to clean up our new home so we could have people over to celebrate his 29th Birthday. I thought it was a great opportunity to use our Wine Party certificate we have had for almost a year along with having family over to see our new place. Our place is not close to being done and from what I have heard from others, it will always be a work in progress. But we have done the "major" redecorating like the flooring, whole new kitchen and paint. I think everyone was amazed with how much work we have done on our new home. Anyways I have found a new love called pinterest. I know most of you by now are on it or have at least heard of it. When I was invited to it, yes you have to be invited to it (so silly), I really didn't pay much attention to it. However I began using it because I was finding recipes online for this party and OMGooodness it is amazing! I was able to plan the entire menu for our party on it and when I was ready to create all the goodness I found I just printed all the recipes right from it! Now I might be on the track of becoming addicted to it. I really don't see anything wrong with becoming addicted to it because it encourages me to do a bunch of arts and crafts or baking on my own (I tend to just buy stuff I usually can make). I do have a huge crafty side of me but with work and the money I don't have it is hard to find the time to sit down and craft, however I have been making more of an effort to craft and pinterest has helped a lot! So I found 5 or 6 recipes (mainly from Annie's-eats) that I knew would be a big hit at the party and are also a few of the hubby's favorites! Here are some pictures of them from wanted to take pictures of what I made but cooking/baking for 8 hours really tires a person out! :)