Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Operation Shower

I had to share this dessert table I came across not only because it involves my most favorite theme, Zoo Animals, but also because it is for an absolutely amazing cause! Operation Shower, which can been found here,, is a non-profit company that throws baby showers for military families. What can be more amazing then that? What a wonderful company with such an amazing cause! If you would like to help out, on their website there is a section where you can donate time, money or products to them. Here is the photographers' Facebook page where you can check out more pictures from the shower,

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Today I did a little bit of gardening in the backyard because I was getting tired of watching the weeds grow, plus this was the first weekend we finally had available in the past month to work on the house together! I went to Village Nurseries which I have fallen in love with because of all there amazing and beautiful selections of plants! I decided to get my favorite white and purple Ornamental Kale along with some Cape Rush which is a beautiful ornamental grass. I wanted to do something cute (and free) for the plant names and I have seen using wine corks (which we have a ton of) as table place names and decided to try and do that with plant names. It was super easy! I just found corks that have the least amount of writing on them and then I wrote with a black sharpie the name of the plant, unraveled a paper clip, stuck one end of the paper clip in it and tada, you have a plant stake! Free and easy, the way I like it! :)