Saturday, January 7, 2012


Today I did a little bit of gardening in the backyard because I was getting tired of watching the weeds grow, plus this was the first weekend we finally had available in the past month to work on the house together! I went to Village Nurseries which I have fallen in love with because of all there amazing and beautiful selections of plants! I decided to get my favorite white and purple Ornamental Kale along with some Cape Rush which is a beautiful ornamental grass. I wanted to do something cute (and free) for the plant names and I have seen using wine corks (which we have a ton of) as table place names and decided to try and do that with plant names. It was super easy! I just found corks that have the least amount of writing on them and then I wrote with a black sharpie the name of the plant, unraveled a paper clip, stuck one end of the paper clip in it and tada, you have a plant stake! Free and easy, the way I like it! :)

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