Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cake Balls

This weekend I had an order for cake balls for a soccer team to fill their snack bags with at the end of the game. I originally wanted to do soccer ball cake balls but in the process of trying to do that I realized how difficult it was to draw a soccer ball on each one with the large size of the cake ball. Therefore I just decided to sprinkle the top of the cake ball with the colors of the team, black and white. I then created a cute tag for the bag and the kids LOVED them! Here are some pictures of the process I used.....
 Bake the cake and cut into pieces
 Put pieces into bowl with icing & stir
 Roll into cake balls and freeze
 Put chocolate covered tips of sticks in cake balls
 Dip cake balls in melted chocolate
Bagged and ready to eat!

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