Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Well I have been pretty busy the last few weeks and I do apologize for not posting very much but to be honest I have not been doing very much when it comes to desserts. My husband and I have been dealing with a short sale for the last 8 months and in the last couple of weeks we have been dealing with a lot of paper work and decisions because we are finally going to close escrow in a few weeks! We are very excited and cant wait to begin remodeling the town home and building a family in something we actually own! Owning a home has been something very important to my husband and myself. It is important to us to own something, take care of it and mold it into something we will live in for a long time. On that note I have also been debating on what in the world I want to pursue with when it comes to Savory & Sweet. I want this company to bloom into something big but at this moment I am not too sure what I want it to grow into. Right now I have the opportunity to begin selling my cake toppers at The Sugar Plum Festival. This will give me a chance to see if it is worth my time to continue to pursue creating paper products or if I should just concentrate my time on desserts & dessert tables. I would love to end up having a one stop shop that pretty much has everything to do with dessert tables, but that is in the far future. I will also begin selling my toppers and other paper products on Esty as well. I have been working quietly on toppers in the last couple of weeks which is another reason no blogs have been posted. I plan on posting some toppers on here and eventually having a link to my Etsy shop, which I have yet to create! In the mean time I do have an order for some cake pops that I will begin creating in the next couple of days that I would love you to check out. I will be posting a blog on that soon! As for now, I hope all is well!

***By the way I know I was suppose to make a Tuesday Treat Blue Cheese and Strawberry cupcake, which I will get to, I promise!

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