Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Christmas Desserts

For Christmas I made a few desserts that I wanted to share because they were so darn good! The first picture is of a Carmel Apple Cheesecake Pie which I got the recipe from annies-eats.com and it is absolutely to die for! It had the perfect mixture of caramel, apples, cheesecake and graham cracker crust topped with pecans! It was a big hit to say the least.

The second dessert I made also had cheesecake in it but instead of using the usual graham cracker crust like I did with the above dessert I decided to get fancy. My husband loves Candy Cane Joes Joes from Trader Joes so I decided to make a Candy Cane Joes Joes pie crust and fill it with cheesecake.
First I blended all the cookies up....

Then I added melted butter and a little bit of sugar and placed mixture into cupcake liners...
I baked the mixture until it had the stiffness of a crust
Then whipped up the cheese cake, placed it in the cups and baked it...

 They were delicious!
I also made some Carmel corn popcorn as well and let me tell you it is the best I have ever had! My Dad even said it was the best he had ever had as well and Carmel corn is his favorite!!

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