Friday, August 5, 2011

UPCOMING: Tuesday Treats!

I have decided to create a new dessert every Tuesday for you all to try out yourselves or maybe just enjoy reading about and drool over the pictures. This upcoming Tuesday I have decided to finally create something Savory, because this is a SAVORY and sweet blog isn't it?

I do not like bacon, I know, call me crazy, but I truly don't eat anything pork related (I know I am missing out on a lot of yummy things). Let me explain, growing up I really looked up to my brothers and sister. For a good part of my childhood my oldest brother did not eat pork because pigs were his favorite animal, therefore I did not eat pork, which has followed me into adulthood. However, just because I do not like pork doesn't mean all the people around me don't as well. My husband loves pork, actually he loves ALL types of meat! So I have decided to create Bacon Maple Cupcakes just for the hubby and I might actually have to try a bite!

I have not completely decided on how I am going to make them but I definitely know I am going to be making a maple based cream cheese frosting sprinkled with toasted bacon bits. For the cake I am not too sure what base I am going to use yet but I know it is going to have sprinkles of toasted bacon in it as well. I hope you are all looking forward to the upcoming Tuesday Treat next week!

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