Friday, August 5, 2011

Orange Gooooodness

Based on my last post you saw that I was actually able to make something without having to do it more then once to get it right! I was also able to make some yummy cake balls to go with the yummy Oreo pops for my nephew's 2nd Birthday party! My sister-in-law let me use some of her orange extract (powerful stuff) to flavor the orange chocolate melts so it kept within the orange flavor theme. I wasn't too happy with the outcome of the consistency of the melts but it still worked to say the least. Next time I flavor my melts I am going to have to use an oil based flavoring. Here are some pictures from the party!
 Orange & Chocolate Cake Balls
 Dreamsicle Oreo Pops
 The Birthday Boy!
 Birthday boys sister!
 Happy Birthday Ollie!
 The birthday boy on the slip-n-slide
More Cake Pops!

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