Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cookies, Ice Cream & Cupcakes Oh My!

My Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law make amazing custom cookies and decorated them perfectly! I have always told them they should start up a business because I think they could make pretty good side money making them but they always say it is just for fun AND it is a lot of work for just a side job! I asked them to make some ice cream cone cookies for my nieces birthday party because I knew they would look super cute on the dessert table. I then decided that it would be an even better idea to have them as favors on the dessert table instead. I think my nieces Mother is also planning on doing dollar gift certificates to Baskin Robbins as favors too which we will wrap up with the cookies! Here is a picture of the adorable ice cream cone cookies.
Perfect colors for the party!
I just added a bag and a cute label!

Today I did some major shopping for all the goodies for the dessert table with the help of my younger niece and nephew! I was very surprised to see how cheap everything so far has been, thanks to Target!

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