Monday, July 25, 2011

Ice Cream Party Dessert Table Finale!

Well this weekend was my niece's 8th Birthday party and we celebrated it with tons of ice cream, a huge bounce house and good friends and family! Everything to do with the dessert table turned out better then expected and everyone love it! I was very happy that it was so successful and look forward to the next dessert table I get to plan, Any takers? I do get to create some cake pops for my nephews 2nd Birthday party this upcoming weekend where the theme is going to be creamsicle or 50-50 bar inspiration. So I am of course going to do an orange coating and my sister-in-law would like me to do white sprinkles. I think I might actually try to make a couple look like creamsicle bars but who knows if that will work! Here are some pictures from my niece's birthday! Enjoy!

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