Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cake Pops are Popping Up!

If you haven't heard about cake pops yet...where in the world have you been?! Ever since Starbucks introduced their cake pops people have been raving about them. Therefore I thought, what is a dessert table without cake pops? So I went to bakerella to find out how to make them, they seemed easy enough, however recently I have discovered a company, that has a product that makes them without all the hard work! So I bought one, of course! I got it in the mail today and I made donuts right away. Why donuts you ask? Well, I didn't have all the ingredients for cake and to tell you the truth I am leaving tomorrow morning for Vegas and I didn't want to have tons of cake pops sitting around for the kids, I mean cats, to eat! So I made a small batch of donuts to try out the product and it worked magically! I love it to say the least!
 The cute purple cake pop maker!
 Some over-flow but perfectly round donut holes!
Sugar & cinnamon goodness!

Getting back to why I bought this awesome product. I thought that cake pops would be a perfect treat to add to my Mom's dessert table. I am planning on making the cake pops to look like sunflowers, which is her favorite flower. I wanted to go a step further to make the cake pops look like they are in flower pots. So I bought 2 ceramic pots from Walmart (only .84 cents each) along with some fake moss ($2.50) and green floral foam ($2.00). I stuffed each pot with the floral foam and then hot glue gunned the green moss on top of the foam to make it look like grass in a flower pot. After making each cake pop I will place around 5 or 6 in each pot to look like blooming sunflowers! I am really excited to see how it turns out but so far I can just show you the pots! I plan on making some sort of sign on each pot that says something along the lines of, "sunflowers" or "pick me".
 Side view of the pots
 Top view of the grassy pots
Materials used...

So for around $1.50 for each pot I think it makes for a cute embellishment to go towards my Mom's dessert table! I cant wait to see the finish product!

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