Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Garden Themed Dessert Table Decor

I wanted to draw the most attention to my table by adding embellishments and decor. I recently tried Martha Stewart's pom poms and I loved the outcome so I decided to throw them into the mix. I wanted to stay within the neutral garden colors such as greens, browns and maybe some tarnish silver because it was for my Mother's 64th birthday, if this particular theme was for a child or younger adult I would have added lots of bright colors to it. I also wanted to create a couple signs saying "Happy Birthday" and "Sweets". I found some burlap at Joanne's on sale for $2.99 a yard which was more then enough. I decided to cut triangle shaped flags and then painted letters on each spelling out "Happy Birthday" and "Sweets". I then hot glue gunned each letter to a brown string and TA DA a homemade burlap sign! I think it goes really well with the whole garden theme. I had tons of burlap left so I think I will use some to make toppers with (which I will have to do a post about) and the rest will be used as table cloth under my dessert table. I went to Michael's yesterday and they have a ton of garden items on sale that would be great to add to the decor of the table but nothing jumped out at me! I think I might go to Joanne's tonight to see if they have anything that I like.
 Finished product!
Close up!

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