Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dessert Table: Garden Themed Birthday Party

I am known as the dessert queen in my family. I am always the one to bring a special treat to all the family gatherings. I love to bake cakes for my nieces and nephews, cupcakes for special occasions, cookies for bake sales and I have decided what better way then to just do it all and take a stab at the new up and coming fad, dessert tables!

My next project is creating a Garden themed dessert table for my Mother's birthday. She recently became an avid green thumb and what better way to express her love of gardening then through desserts!

The first thing I did was look into garden themed cupcakes. My go to for cupcakes is one of the two books, "Hello, Cupcake!" or "What's New, Cupcake?" by Karen Tack & Alan Richardson. If you have not already (and you love to bake), go out and buy these books, your cupcakes will be the next big thing at parties! So I found a perfect "Garden Party" themed cupcake that look like little vegetable patches of radishes, peas, carrots and lettuce. I cant wait to make them! Here is a picture of the Garden Party from the book....

In the next few blogs I will discuss what other sweet treats I am making for the dessert table along with all the embellishments!

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  1. This garden themed birthday party is just amazing. Want to have similar themed birthday party for my daughter at one of NYC venues. Will be using your amazing ideas for the day. That will be really wonderful.