Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chocolate Pretzel Vines....or Herbs?

After deciding on a cute garden patch for the cupcakes and sunflower cake pops blooming from flower pots I knew I needed more tasty treats to decorate my Mom's dessert table with! I knew I wanted to incorporate chocolate covered pretzel sticks into the mix but I was not sure how I was going to relate them to the garden theme. Then it hit me! Vines! I could do green chocolate covered pretzel sticks and then cover them in green sprinkles to make cute little vines! Then I thought what was I going to stick them in to stand straight up so that they can be plucked and gobbled up quickly? Then I had an ah-ha moment when I was at Walmart picking up items for the cake pops. I saw these adorable herb pots that were pretty cheap and already labeled. I didn't buy any because I like to focus on one treat at a time but now that I am focusing on the pretzels I think I am going to go back and buy them today! They would add so much to the overall look of the table plus I think the green chocolate covered pretzel sticks would look so cute popping out of the herb pots. So I guess instead of vines they will be herbs, which is perfect because I think they will look more like herbs instead of vines anyways!

The great thing about the flower pots and herb pots is I will be able to re-use them for actual gardening or for a future dessert table!

Now I need to worry about how I am going to get them to stand up in the herb pot. The cake pops were easy because the stick can get stuck straight into the foam but no one wants to eat a pretzel that has been stuck in foam.


So I went and bought the Herb pots and today Stella, Ollie and I made the chocolate covered pretzel sticks. I bought a large bag of chocolate animal crackers because they were SOOOO much cheaper then oreos and crushed them up to make dirt to go inside of the pots. I will also be using the "dirt" for the top of the garden cupcakes (but it will be much finer). Here is the finished product.....
I LOVE it!!!

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