Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cupcake Toppers!

As I have been lurking around the DIY websites and blogs I noticed these toppers that were very cute and added an extra pizazz to desserts and decor. I decided to try and do my own cupcake toppers but adding a little twist to them! I really liked all the toppers I saw but they were all printed off of the computer, I wanted 3D toppers that POP out at you as well as encouraging people to use them again when scrap booking or for other projects. Therefore, me liking to plan ahead, I created these toppers for a "What's it gonna bee?" party, which someday, hopefully in the near future, I can use for myself!
What's it gonna bee?
Bee embellishment
Flower embellishment
I then made some for my sister-in-law's bridal shower in hopes that they would use them, and they did! I made sure they were the colors being used for the shower and the bride-to-be made these really cute cupcakes that complemented the cupcake toppers so well!
Flower embellishments
Perfect colors!
I then began making them for birthdays, fundraisers, Boy Scout events, holidays and so on. Lately I have been lazy making them but I am planning on making some toppers for the decor for my Mom's dessert table and instead of sticking them on cupcakes I was going to use them for little signs!
St. Patrick's Day
Relay For Life
1st Birthday-Ladybugs
60th Birthday for Dad
Boy Scouts Pinewood Derby

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